Monday, November 23, 2015

Morning Windows

It's a cold one today. We started out at 25 degrees and it has slowly warmed up. This was our first killing frost, so the flowers I posted yesterday are gone. The mulberry shed all its leaves in about 2 hours time this morning.

The sun sparkled up the windows when it arrived.

It's hard to believe this big jar is over 125 years old. This is pattern glass, and the pattern is "Block" by George Duncan and Sons, circa 1889. Isn't its sparkle beautiful? I bought this in two different places. I found it first in an auction lot, but the jar was cracked. I kept it anyway because I just loved the way it glinted in the light. A couple years later I found a replacement jar, so now I have a really nice old piece.

In the kitchen, the windowsill has been taken over by trumpet-shaped vases. Some are old glass, some are newer, but apparently I like this shape because I suddenly realized I had a lot of them. The red one in the center is stretch glass and is currently listed on eBay.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

November Sunday

 A few drifting flakes of snow this morning, enough to make me feel like it's really November. It's mostly gray and cloudy, cold damp air. a few flowers linger on, bright spots in the browns and grays of this season.

I am cozy inside, putting together all the Christmas carols research into an orderly notebook. I have completed the research phase, I think, and now it's time to buckles down to study and practice. Our first shows will be in less than two weeks. Exciting to look forward to, a little scary to look at this big thick notebook of things I need to glue onto my brain.

Last night we prepared dinner for two of our sons and a grandson. It's such a pleasure to see them and have time to just talk. We made squirrel gravy, ham, rice, broccoli, corn, applesauce--good country food. This morning one son and our grandson were here for a pancakes, blackberry syrup and bacon breakfast, but now they are gone too, preparing their camp for this week's deer hunting. Larry will go with them and I hope he is lucky enough to bring home some meat for the freezer.

The men will be back tomorrow night if all goes well, and I will be cooking again. I miss cooking for hungry males--when my five sons were young, meal preparations were massive and pretty much ongoing. Today with just the two of us at home, there usually doesn't seem to be a good reason to cook big hearty meals.

I am happy that the white dressing table I took to our Ravenswood booth sold so quickly, but now I need to really get to work on some painting to restock as the big white desk also sold so there is room in the booth for plenty more furniture. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow?

For now, it's back to the carols. Wish me luck getting all this down pat by next week!

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Something Old, Something New--To Us

We gave ourselves an early Christmas present this year.

We found it at an auction, and bought it to re-sell. But once it was home, it just looked like it was, well...home.

 So today we did a major rearranging to make a place for it. We are so happy with our new old secretary.

It's not perfect--the finish is old and worn, there's a hole in the little drawer inside. We don't care.

If I re-sold it as planned, I was going to paint it, and that was really bothering me. Because I don't like to paint old wood, but to refinish this one would take a LOT of time that we don't have.

Funny, though, because for us, the old, worn finish is just fine.

She holds a lot of books, thank goodness, because we had to get rid of one of our bookshelves. Fortunately, only a few books had to be weeded to have enough space for the ones we really wanted to keep.

Getting it in here meant moving shelves of books, lamps, chairs, you name it. In the process we got a lot of cleaning done, so that was good in itself.

Now it's all done. Not something that was on my to-do list, but something that sure has made us happy. Some of my feather collection found a new place,

the globe and some lamps got shifted around,

and the little hobo art corner shelf got some new glass.

Done and done!

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