Thursday, April 20, 2017

New Finds

I've cut back on buying for the past six months or more because we had so much inventory. But this week I broke my rule and went on the hunt. It was fun! Here's a look at some of what we found:

a couple leaded glass windows. Both have one cracked pane but I am betting someone will find a way to re-purpose them.

A table full of stuff, which is now all nicely priced and packed away for the booths, or taken to my ebay room for listing.

The Boscul ti might already be spoken for; the scale was an ebay bargain (they are still to be found sometimes), and the basket was made in Williamsburg in 1993--marked on the bottom so I know :)

I love the amber egg plate and the little beaded bag.  Behind the egg plate is a small blue Fenton fairy lamp.  The aqua tea tin is also a favorite.

Isn't it pretty? Those curvy black cats will, I hope, catch the eye of a mid-century collector. The jar by the tea tin is a Ball jar, very unusual shape. I put a zinc lid on it and the blue jar beside it; they sell better that way.

Sweet tea set was made in Japan, which means probably pre-1990? After that I think things were imported from Taiwan more often, and then from China.

I have a lot of these Currier & Ives pieces on ebay; they're slow sellers but serving pieces like this usually move pretty fast. The platter to its right is a Johnson Brothers Haddon Hall design, apparently fairly rare in the blue.It has a few stains so it's getting a soak in Oxyclean. The platter in top center is already sold--it was from Jackson's Mill here in WV, and dated 1939. I listed it and it was gone in 15 minutes.
 Some nice vintage tea towels, and then those things I bought last week and finally got priced and put away.

Tall wood spice box was a bargain and I think it will be a fast seller.

A few bigger pieces: a wicker mirror and a gold-framed mirror that will both be painted, a sewing box footstool that will also get paint and its feet replaced, and the orange stool that will be taken to the upholsterer to get a new cover because there are a couple holes on the back vinyl.

Old rusty minnow bucket and granite pan have a good rustic appeal; the Coke glasses are aqua, bright blue-green and amethyst, colors that usually sell.

Two metal fridge drawers from a vintage refrigerator. These will go on ebay.

Another surprise bargain was these 3 chrome soap dishes from the 1940's-50's. They look unused. These will also go on ebay for the people doing vintage restorations.

Two lovely candleholders that I think are Cambridge, and a Fire-King tulip cheese bowl.

Here's a better look at the Jackson's Mill platter. It has the 4-H emblem on it, and was made by Warwick China in Wheeling, WV.

Then there was this:

We were coming home with the van full of finds, flowers, potting soil, you name it, and there by the road were these vintage theater seats. They'd been left out in the weather but we turned around, knocked on a door and found out who to contact. I called the owner of the property and she said please take them. So we did! They need lots of work but I can't wait to get started on them.

Tomorrow I'll post photos of what we've been working on lately. Enough for today!

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Boud said...

This post was almost as good as​ hunting for myself! The tea tin, if you want the fancy name, is a tea caddy. Does it have that wonderful loose tea smell? When I make tea the smell of the leaves whooshes me right back to my mom, spooning out tea from her Coronation caddy. That would be the 1937 Coronation..

Quinn said...

Two things - the scale and some C&I plates - are here at my house, too! And I think those refrigerator drawers are from my parents' old snazzy turquoise fridge ;) The big basket looks plenty useful...I'd be tempted to keep that one for myself. But I bet you've developed a lot more control over what to keep and what not, over the years?

Granny Sue said...

You are exactly right, Quinn. We find so many things that I love but I have learned to let things go because there's always more to find! Sometimes I keep things a while to enjoy them before selling, and I also rotate stuff in and out of our house. Used to be things never changed here, but now they change all the time! A couple times we've sold our kitchen chairs and I had to scramble to get more ready for us to use :) And if a family member says how much they like something I often just offer it to them. Because as I said, there is always more where that came from. There are some things I am very attached to, though, and will not easily part with. Like my first rolling pin, the dresser I grew up with, things that belonged to my mother. I often wish I had something of my Granny's but she lived in England so I never did have anything of hers.

Granny Sue said...

Boud, of course! I remember my mother calling the tea tin a caddy, but I'd completely forgot.

Lucky13 said...

Too many beauties! The candlesticks look like Heisey lariat, I think anyway. The blue and white plate with the trees caught my eye the most. Very nice finds!

Granny Sue said...

You're right! They are Heisey Lariat. I have another pair of them here somewhere. Thanks for reminding me of the maker and pattern :)

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